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Yashika Anand in Blue transparent glamorous look


Yashika Anand is known as the glamorous storm of fans with the movie Rogue in the Dark Room. After that Patti, Tank became all famous by participating in the Big Boss show.

He then starred in Raghuvan’s ‘Pole 16’, Vijay Thevarakonda’s ‘Nota’ and Yogi Babu’s ‘Zombie’. None of these films gave a big hand. 

Currently Yashika has films like ‘Can’t Run and Can’t Shine’, ‘Ivan Than Uthman’ and ‘Rajapima’.

Yashika’s photos go viral on social media from time to time. Yashika Anand’s photo shoot has caused a stir on social media with her front and back poses.

On the day of Pongal, the fans were amazed to see Yashika posing modestly with a lot of jasmine flowers and beautiful silks and glittering jewelery like a Tamil Nadu woman.

But all that seems to be nonsense … Yashika Anand in a blue transparent dress is glamorous to the extreme. 

The poses given by Yashika in a thin sleeveless gown are going viral on social media. Check out the pic below :


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