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WWE Raw : Seth Rollins & Murphy vs. Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe


Joe chops Murphy, batters him with punches. Murphy fights back, hits the ropes, is laid out with a nasty shoulder block. Owens tags in, springing elbow drop in the corner for a 2 count. Quick tags, Joe with a snapmare, kick to the back, charging elbow drop.

Back to the babyface corner, Owens tags in, clothesline. Pulls him out for a short-arm clothesline. Joe and Owens keep tagging in and out, Joe with a Russian Legsweep. Cover for 2. Pendulum backbreaker from Owens. Joe with a back body drop but Buddy lands on his feet, hits the ropes, tag to Rollins, double team back elbows. Rollins stomping Joe in the corner.

Whips him to the opposite corner, double teams persist, Joe with a back body drop takes Rollins to the outside, Murphy with a crossbody but Joe just nopes him!

Owens with a tope to Rollins, Joe with one to Murphy! Commercial break. As we come back, we see that Joe ended up injuring himself on that dive and get a clip of him being forced to the back by the medical staff. Owens is all by himself now.

Murphy working over Owens with a headlock, he fights out of it, Rollins tags in and charges but Owens evades him and he slams headfirst into the top buckle!

Murphy makes the tag, gets a big shot to the face. Chops and forearms, Owens hits the ropes but eats a running leg lariat for a nearfall. Takes him to the heel corner, trying to isolate but Owens is fighting out of it.

Rollins pulls him to the middle, wants a powerbomb, Owens with a back body drop but Rollins lands on his feet – Owens shoots him to the ropes, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall!

Murphy tags in, takes Owens up top, enziguri kick to the head! Pursues him, hooks him… wants a superplex! Kevin with body blows, headbutts! Reverse Superplex, Top Rope Senton!!

Rollins has to break up the pin! Owens takes him to the outside, Tope Con Hilo! Back in the ring but Murphy gets him with a big knee to the face! Rollins tries to get the Stomp on the apron, Owens avoids it, wants the Stunner on Murphy but he shoves him into Rollins – Owens stuns Rollins, but Murphy rolls him right up for the win!



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