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Top 5 : Email apps for Android and iOS


Email apps are an integral part of our routine lives. And thanks to current technologies we can use it via mobile phones at any time. The majority of people use different email apps, but which ones are in the top five?

From my point of view, an app which tops the list is Gmail as it:

Top 5 : Email apps for Android and iOS
  • Affords either iOS or Android.
  • Supports all popular email services and protocols.
  • Can connect to mail on a personal domain.
  • Works with an unlimited number of boxes at the same time.
  • Instantly notifies new emails.
  • For mail owners on their domain, there is the possibility of manual configuration of pop3, SMTP, and other parameters to manage emails in a convenient interface of a regularly updated application.

Moreover, the mail app named Edison Mail also quite convenient and easy to use:

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Top 5 : Email apps for Android and iOS
  • Convenient management of incoming: fast switching between inboxes, focusing on the most important messages.
  • Another key thing to remember, manage subscriptions, bulk delete, and block unwanted recipients.
  • Mail assistant: searches for statements, invoices, helps in managing all correspondence. Tracking flights, parcel dispatch statuses. Also, the assistant notifies about upcoming events, plans, and travel. If necessary, it tells you which mailing list you can unsubscribe from.
  • Not to mention there are no ads, all functions are free.
  • Fast reply, correction of (auto-) letters, and cancellation of sending letters at the last moment.
  • Fast and optimized search in the mail database on the phone.

The third which is also one of the best email apps is Outlook. It has the next features:

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Top 5 : Email apps for Android and iOS
  • Different options for filtering messages.
  • Saving letters to favorites.
  • Opening attached files without going to third-party applications.
  • Implemented support for Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook – free personal email and calendar from Microsoft, thus The Google Drive integration supports documents and files from the Google service and the user can quickly attach them to Outlook or Gmail.
  • Furthermore, synchronization with the computer version of the program.
  • And last but not least, access the calendar and open files without downloading and exit to other applications.

In fourth place is CloudMagic:

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Top 5 : Email apps for Android and iOS
  • A magically fast email client.
  • Works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, and any IMAP account.
  • This email client is very minimalistic, it lacks most of the features of other popular applications.

But this is not due to the lack of imagination of the developers but to the desire to make just a convenient application that will not force the user to retrain to work with mail. Instead, Cloudmagic offers a few other things that some might find more useful.

  • Firstly, the application works very fast. Even faster than Gmail.
  • Secondly, it is capable of working even with the most event-intensive mailboxes.
  • Thirdly, the developers managed to make a very fast search in letters, including the message texts themselves, and not just the names of the senders and subjects, and this also works in the absence of a network connection.
  • Coupled with Team Contacts for the teamwork of Google Apps users, and the function of saving letters and attachments with support for third-party applications.

And the last app which includes this list is Spark:

Top 5 : Email apps for Android and iOS
  • First of all, I would like to note a very pleasant interface, which, perhaps, is on a level higher than all the mail applications mentioned in this review.
  • Allows the user to focus on important messages without being distracted by annoying notifications. For example, you can configure the display of notifications only for contacts that are contained in the address book.
  • Tries to help and prioritizes user behavior.
  • At the same time, the standard functions for pinning important letters, archiving, and others have not gone anywhere.
  • To say nothing of smart search and inbox, email for delayed sending, custom signatures for different mailboxes, built-in calendar.

In conclusion, Gmail is the best app, which suits me in many cases. I am joyful with this app. And one more app which I also use is Mailbird.

But, unfortunately, it supports Windows only. Hope this app will be available on other devices soon.

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