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Cholera | A Victory for Public Health Research

In the early- to mid-19th century, cholera tore through England, killing tens of thousands. The prevailing scientific theory of the day said that the disease was...

Smallpox | A European Disease Ravages the New World

Smallpox was endemic to Europe, Asia and Arabia for centuries, a persistent menace that killed three out of ten people it infected and left...

The Great Plague of London | Sealing Up the Sick

London never really caught a break after the Black Death. The plague resurfaced roughly every 10 years from 1348 to 1665—40 outbreaks in just...

Black Death | The Invention of Quarantine

The plague never really went away, and when it returned 800 years later, it killed with reckless abandon. The Black Death, which hit Europe in...

Plague of Justinian | No One Left to Die

Three of the deadliest pandemics in recorded history were caused by a single bacterium, Yersinia pestis, a fatal infection otherwise known as the plague.The Plague...