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Taboola | Content Discovery and Native Advertising

Reach: 1.4 billion unique users per month, 10,000+ premium publishers and brands, 44.5% of the world’s Internet population reached

Traffic: tier 1 geos like US, UK, JP and FR and many more

Targeting options: location-based, device, operating systems, publisher blocking, audience (both by onboarding first-party data or using marketplace audiences directly accessible in the platform)

Top websites: NBC, MSN, USA Today, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CBS News, and Fox

Taboola | Content Discovery and Native Advertising
Taboola | Content Discovery and Native Advertising » Walnox

Taboola has become the largest discovery and the world’s leading native advertising platform. Above all, it helps people to explore what’s interesting and new in the world of web content and enables both the publishers and advertisers to buy, sell and grow their traffic in scalable and profitable ways. 

The platform matches brands with the audiences that are most receptive to new messages, products, and services. What’s most important, it provides the websites those audiences trust the most. Taboola ad platform also offers an advanced level of monetization opportunities for publishers, mobile carriers, and other digital properties.

Taboola’s native ads can be found mainly within customized widgets on the bottom, top, or side of the website as content recommendations or within the general news feed. 

This native ad network should be chosen by those of you interested in positioning and building a strong brand through personalized native ads across premium websites. If you’re up for reaching marketing KPIs at any stage of the purchase journey, or you want to promote exclusive, white-hat offers, Taboola can get you there with the right mix of audience segmentation and broad reporting to constantly improve your native strategies. 

Having control over your ad spend and your KPIs in line is essential when starting your native adventure. Taboola’s in-house targeting options and comprehensive reporting allow the users to fully control their native advertising campaigns through determining ad spend and performance goals to editing campaign elements. Such solutions are crucial to ad campaign efficiency and marketing strategy improvements. 

Additional perks: full control through comprehensive reports on campaign performance, optimization and scalability, smart bid automatization, flexible ad creatives, data-rich recommendations



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