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Selena Gomez requests Google to curtail the spread of misinformation


Vocal powerhouse Selena Gomez has called out Google once against over the spread of misinformation through its advertisements.

The Rare singer, 28, reacted to the news of UNICEF announcing that it was removing ads from websites that were promoting election disinformation.

“Thank you, Unicefusa, for doing this! We need more organizations to do this too. googleads needs to stop the spread of hate and misinformation,” she said.

The singer was also given a reply by the company: “Thank you for reaching out about this, Selena. We agree that there is no place for hate or election misinfo when our platforms are used to run ads and we appreciate anytime potential violations are flagged to us.”

“We have long standing policies to remove ads from articles inciting hate or violence or those that promote demonstrably false claims that could significantly undermine participation or trust in elections,” they said.

“When content violates our policies, we take action, including removing ads from the violating pages and in pervasive situations the sites.

When advertisers want to go beyond our policies, we give them tools, like the ones UNICEF used, to ensure that they are in control over their ads running against content that is not suitable for their brand,” they added.

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