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Royal Legends 1 F2P | Hidden Objects | Puzzle game | Android gameplay

Play hidden objects mystery games puzzle and finding games to become a hero!

Open a new free to play puzzles, quests and mystery adventure games – Royal Legends: Marshes Curse. Play Domini Games object hunt quest, find hidden items thoroughly to find the way out and finish the hidden object games!

You are the King’s advisor, who has been sent on a mission to the small provincial town of Liberville. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people who have gone missing. The situation is out of the control of the local authorities. The locals are very concerned, they are quite sure that it’s the fault of the Swamp Witch who has come back to avenge her death. Although… no one has ever seen her or her forest hut! So there are two questions you need to find answers to. Who abducts innocent people? And most importantly… why?

Defeat the Swamp Witch ally in the Bonus Chapter!
Play more exciting puzzles and mystery puzzle games after you finish the main story! More collectibles await you in this unique chapter, where you can search and find secrets, hidden objects and unlock all new branches of the story!

Gather collectibles and look for morphing objects!
Each location has a unique collection of various collectibles to help you in your investigation! Are you ready to go on an exciting investigating puzzle quest and collect all the hidden treasures?



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