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Outbrain | Recommendation Platform Powered by Native Ads

Reach: 290M native stories delivered each month, 1.8B daily pageviews, ability to reach 1.3 billion people worldwide (from 55+ countries), 3x higher time-on-site than banners, 5x higher ad visibility than banners

Traffic: 50% of their traffic comes from Tier 1 geos like US, UK, JP, and FR

Targeting options: location-based, device type, operating system, browsers, interests, advanced audience targeting, retargeting (custom audiences)

Top websites: Hearst, CNN, Men’s Health, Sky News, BBC, The Washington Post, Le Monde

Outbrain | Recommendation Platform Powered by Native Ads
Outbrain | Recommendation Platform Powered by Native Ads » Walnox

Outbrain is a leading self-serve native advertising platform. With an estimated current annual revenue of $136.7 million, the company serves over 3 trillion ads to 1.3 billion unique users, generating more than 9 billion conversions worldwide each year. 

Outbrain helps brands, agencies, and advertisers connect with one-third of the world’s consumers engaging with content on the open web. And this is exactly where this ad exchange’s strengths lay.  By teaming up with many leading niches and top publishers, Outbrain’s users can show their ads to high-quality audiences via an extensive five-star publisher network. Let’s take Sky News, for example – the website boasts of over 10 million page views per month.

Outbrain’s native widgets take the form of “in-feed” ads, search & promoted listings, video ads as well as content recommendations. They consist of an image and a headline and a brand logo, fitting perfectly into the editorial content flow. 

As an advertiser, you should consider signing up for this discovery & native advertising platform if you’re looking to create engaging content on the open web as well as deliver performance goals and expand your audiences wisely and efficiently. Outbrain will enable you to promote your brand through the biggest premium native openweb inventories on the market. What’s more, you’ll be able to achieve your marketing goals in a fraud-free web environment. 

Additional perks: smartfeed, lookalike audiences, data marketplace, bid strategy, native smartads, storytelling with native video, Outbrain carousel ads, wide range of deal packages, flexible access to Outbrain full portfolio of inventory through leading DSPs

Outbrain is another ad exchange that should be on your mandatory list to be tested, especially if you are looking for top-shelf traffic.



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