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Learn from Camila Cabello : Beauty and wellness Tricks


Camila Cabello doesn’t take things too seriously, especially when it comes to her approach to beauty. “I think as I’ve gotten more confident and freer, I take beauty less seriously.

I feel like it’s just hair and it’s just paint, you know? So your body and your face is just a canvas for you to explore and experiment with different things,” she shared in an interview.

If you’re looking for inspiration to do the same, scroll through the best beauty and wellness moments from her Instagram. 

1) It’s important to take the time to meditate

2) Treat your hair according to its texture

3) Embrace your bare skin with no-makeup selfies

4) DIY hacks and keeping it simple work just as well as off-the-shelf skincare

5) Make sure to change up your skincare routine while you travel

6) A good cat-eye takes practice—but is worth it

7) A nude lip can make a statement too

8) Keep your highlighter on hand

9) Have an off-duty look ready-to-go

10) Don’t be afraid to experiment

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