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CHUNG HA 청하 ‘Dream of You (with R3HAB)’ Performance Video


CHUNG HA, R3HAB Collaboration Single ‘Dream of You (with R3HAB)’

K-Pop superstar CHUNG HA releases a collaboration single with world famous DJ & Producer R3HAB. “Dream of You (with R3HAB)” is an electronic/dance track that combines a house beat and a thick bassline.

A masterpiece is created from the beautiful harmony of retro sounds generated by strings, brass, and vocoder mixed with the dreamlike sound from the synthesizer.

The vocal chopping elements heard within the intro are arranged throughout the song to make the single even more charismatic.

You can once again experience the charm of CHUNG HA’s deep mid to low vocals, as heard in her recent single ‘Bad Boy.”

This single “Dream of You (with R3HAB)” will excite your ears once again


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