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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most propitious and interesting fields in today’s world. Businesses of every scale are opting Digital Marketing to build their presence online and generate awareness to procure customers.

The approach of businesses and firms towards Digital Marketing and the need of the general public to find everything online have widened the career options in the Digital Marketing field. Therefore most of the young blood of the country wants to master Digital Marketing.

The best part is that one doesn’t have to undergo a lengthy and expensive college program to be a good Digital Marketer. A person can learn Digital Marketing online or he can join the institutes providing the course in a duration 2-3 months.

Many online platforms are providing Digital marketing courses, both free and paid so that one can get the appropriate skills and knowledge to become an ace Digital Marketer with certification.

There are many tools and websites which provide a lot of information about various tools and aspects of Digital Marketing. Here is a list of websites one must follow to learn Digital Marketing.

Hubspot :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

When one desires to learn Digital Marketing he/she shall definitely come across the website Hubspot. Hubspot was found in the year 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah at the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts.

Basically, Hubspot is a developer and marketer that deals with inbound marketing and sales. It provides tools for various purposes like social media marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization, customer support, content management, and landing pages.

For the ones who want to learn about inbound marketing and various tactics, Hubspot also serves as an online resource academy. It organizes various conferences and also provides certifications on the completion of the course.

Hubspot provides various other certification courses like Frictionless sales, social media, email marketing, and many others. It depends on the interest of the user about which course he wants to choose.

Hubspot has its own Content Management System known as COS i.e. Content Optimisation System that helps people to manage the content on their websites very well. It is different than traditional CMS as it works as an all-rounder in providing solutions to all marketing aspects and also helps to drive more traffic to the website.

Smart Insights :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

With the objective of providing the best source of knowledge about the practicality and opportunities of Digital Marketing to the users, marketing experts Dr. Dave Chaffey and Stuart Miller launched Smart Insights in the year 2010.

The primary goal of bringing Smart Insights into existence was to make the tasks of the marketers easy by providing them the best advice and knowledge about the framework and strategies that could save their time and also help them to make their websites more attractive and engaging.

According to the creators of Smart Insight, they are working on templates creation, coaching, and e-learning for 25 years and that makes them the best amongst others.
Smart Insights Provides 10 essential toolkits

  • Paid Media
  • Digital Marketing Strategy And Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Experience Management
  • Email Marketing And Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Google Analytics
  • Marketing Strategy And Planning
  • Search engine Optimisation

SEMrush :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

Every individual and firm want their website to rank high in the search engine so that most of the viewers can get attracted to the website. To make this happen they use the most popular tool SEMrush. With the agenda of making online platforms transparent and to provide equal opportunity to every user, a group of SEOs and Marketing Specialists formed the SEMrush tool which is now very popular amongst the Digital Marketers and people dealing the online platforms. By making constant experimentations, research, and innovations SEMrush has established itself as the world’s top research tool today.

SEMrush is a very friendly website as it welcomes all kinds of suggestions, feedback, experimental ideas from the viewers. That is the prior reason why people are so attracted to SEMrush. SEMrush provides user-friendly and efficient tools that make websites even more fun to work on. Some of the features of SEMrush that provides the user to optimize their website well includes:

  • Study Your Competitors Ad Texts.
  • Find the Good Long Tail Keywords
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research for Organic and Paid Search
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool
  • Domain vs. Domain Comparison
  • Product Listing Ads

Clickz :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

With the increasing popularity of youtube, facebook, Instagram, etc Clikz is a website that provides the users with the latest news and insights of various online platforms. Clickz was found in the year 1997 and now is now top in its field. ClickZ is part of the Contentive Media Group and Blenheim Chalcot claimed Clickz as a successful venture. Clickz focuses on making the users act smart and decide well regarding anything relating to digital marketing.

Besides working just on core Digital Marketing, Clickz conducts several activities to reach the users even better like webinars, podcasts, events, etc.

Clickz is always updated and hence has many genuine viewers who return to the website, again and again, to know about the latest news and insights.

A new Digital Marketer should know the news about the Digital world in order to survive in a long game. Clickz has made it easier for newcomers as well as the former users as it has a separate category where news and insights of digital marketing only are posted on a daily basis so that the viewer can directly enter into the category he wants to.

Content Marketing Institute :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

One cannot deny the fact that good content is the heart and soul of a website.

Every website tends to exist because of the power of content. If one has very good content on his website then it is very natural that he will be gaining quite a good amount of traffic. Earlier there were lots of good blogs and sources of books, yet readers had a lot of queries about content marketing.

Content Marketing Institute was found by a speaker, entrepreneur, content marketing author and expert, Joe Pulizzi.

The Content Marketing Institute provides education and individuals about how to attract and engage more and more viewers by building attractive and captivating storytelling and content.

It publishes a quarterly magazine, ‘Chief Content Officer’ where different strategies and content marketing research of various brands are mentioned so that the users can get exposure to multiple opportunities and reach heights in the digital marketing world.

For those who are new to the Digital Marketing sector the Content Marketing Institute provides information and knowledge from scratch for the easy understanding of the newcomers.

The Content Marketing Institute has many options that enable the viewers to find detailed information about new and old aspects of Digital Marketing and Content Writing.

Over the years the Content Marketing Institute has helped many users from many countries to know and create good content on their websites.

iMedia :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

In the year 2001, a set of people tried to make the first iMedia Summit with the idea to bring together all the people who were interested in the internet and marketing on the internet. iMedia focused on the future of the internet and tried to find how challenging and exciting the future of the internet was.

iMedia features many articles to provide information to the users regarding the present and future scopes of Digital Marketing, Advertising, Branding, etc.
It initiates and brings together all the people who have a keen interest in the internet and its aspects, by organizing various summits by announcing the date and place prior to the iMedia website.

iMedia was introduced to help those viewers who would like to know about the Digital Marketing sector and, set their careers in it. They welcome everyone whether an agency, publisher, brand requiring the need for marketing consultants.

Convince And Convert :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

Every firm or agency knows how important it is to connect with customers and viewers. Convince & Convert is a highly experienced firm that is based to create such strategies that would help the firms a lot.

They use a four success pathway framework to display their methodology to work on digital marketing fields. Convince & Convert was established in 2008 by Jay Baer, an influencer, and the best-selling author of six books.

Convince & Convert Media, is a steady education company that produces podcasts, conducts online webinars, e-magazines and many more.

Convince and Convert try their best to provide their clients with the best advice and knowledge regarding how to convince and convert customers. Therefore, they release various blogs, podcasts, ebooks, regular books that could be easily accessible by the users.

CMS Wire :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

With the mission to inspire, inform and connect with the digital community, Simpler Media Group, Inc published the All the Latest Customer Experience Marketing News and Information in the year 2003, by founder Brice Dunwoodie. The daily updates posted by CMSWire tell users about the experience of the digital customer, technologies can be used in the workplace, and also gives the newest information on artificial intelligent management.

CMSWire even asks the viewers to submit articles by following the article submission guidelines. CMSWire has various channels focusing on specific topics like Experience of the visitors, Digital Workplace, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Automation of Market, Web CMS, SharePoint & Office 365. The CMSWire whitepapers provide various information about the latest topics and news relating to the digital world. From time to time CMSWire conducts webinars to come in contact with the users and clarifies their queries and gets feedback in return.

eMarketer :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

Keeping the future in mind eMarketer was created in the year 1996. eMarketer compares the data and perspectives of Digital Marketing, studies about the methodologies, and searches sources of mistakes.

eMarketer had a methodology itself that includes features like finding sums, optimizations and many more. They believe that the best way to understand the steadily changing, unpredictable world is to follow your own way to solve things. Today, more than 1,000 corporations like ad agencies, media companies, brands in all sectors, rely on eMarketer. Many institutions choose eMarketer so that they can prepare their students for a vigorous world ahead. Even businesses opt eMarketer to gain accurate analyses and optimized results.

eMarketer covers several industries and serves every user equally. eMarketer provides free research, latest reports, podcasts and trending news for the convenience of the users.

Ad Age :

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Top 10 : You Should Know If You Want To Learn Digital Marketing » Walnox

Ad Age is a very good journal for enthusiast users of digital marketing arena. It was established in the year 1930 to cover a complicated digital industry with relativity, exactness, and unbiased character.

At present, Ad Age is focusing on innovation, creativity, potential users and facing competitions. It provides platforms for every eager marketer by conducting various meetups events. It even provides certifications and awards to the ones excelling in the field.

Adage has been providing the viewers with all the required information but in a very unique and attractive manner. Due to which viewers keep swarming on the website daily to fetch the desired information about the Digital world of marketing. Adage provides very efficient opportunities to the people looking for careers in the internet platforms, especially the women.



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