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For 35 days, a Tamil Nadu village goes dark for a heartwarming reason


A few youngsters from a village in Sivaganga district of the state had come together to execute this wholesome plan.

A group of villagers came together for this act of kindness. Image Credits: Unsplash

Madurai: A village in Tamil Nadu has been in the dark for around 35 days now. The reason behind it is not the usual power woes that any village goes through in the country or anything else. It is rather sweet and will bring a smile on your face.

Situated in the Sivaganga district of the state, the streetlights were off for more than a month now. An Indian Robin had hatched its eggs on the village’s main switchboard. The ‘darkness’ was brought about to save the bird and its family.

Compassion is not sought after purposely. It chooses to shine through in certain situations and circumstances. Even the smallest of actions and gestures can make a huge difference to anyone.

Coming back to the village, the whole idea behind switching off the villages’ lights was the brainchild of a 20-year-old college student named A Karuppuraja. The common switchboard is near his house and he had noticed that the bird had made it nest there.

He told The Times of India, “When the lockdown began, I saw a bird filling the box with straw and leaves. When I looked into it, I could see three small greenish-blue eggs with spots.”

Immediately, Karuppuraja decided to get his village folks involved in it. On a common Whatsapp group, he shared the story about the birds. All the 35 members of the group decided to give a helping hand in making sure that the eggs hatched in peace.

The next job involved convincing the rest of the villagers to follow suit and live in darkness for a while. There were around 100 in total. Even the panchayat president, H Kaleeswari, joined in on the condition that each and every villager did the same as well.

Such heartwarming stories are always nice to share. It shows that the world is not always a bad place to exist in. There are always some ‘good eggs’ that make sure everything is beautiful and safe around us.

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