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WWE SmackDown : Randy Orton vs. Sami Zayn 2017


Sami Zayn and KO tried to beg their way out of this stipulation, but to no avail. Owens watched the match from ringside, handcuffed to the bottom rope.

Orton stalked Zayn in the ring and battered him with no mercy.

The Viper grew distracted by KO’s barking, opening the door for Zayn to make a comeback. The heel tried to use bolt cutters to free his friend but failed. Owens was able to break himself free with the tools, however.

Interference from Owens wasn’t enough to keep Orton down. He rolled up Zayn for the win.

KO and Zayn assaulted him after the bell. That is until Shinsuke Nakamura arrived. The former NXT champ cleared the scoundrels from the ring.

McMahon revealed he will be the guest referee during Owens and Zayn’s PPV match. And if the heels lose, they will be fired from the company.



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