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WWE Raw : Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss 2018


The bell rings, and they circle the ring. Bliss ducks a lock up and avoids a kick before putting herself through the ropes. Bliss looks terrified. Bliss does her best to stay away from Asuka and avoids some spinning back fists. Bliss puts herself through the ropes again to keep her back.

Alexa Bliss applies a waistlock, but Asuka fights out and wrenches the arm. Bliss turns it into a hammerlock, but Asuka quickly reverses that. Bliss gets out and applies a full nelson.

Asuka quickly gets out and takes her down before applying a front facelock. Asuka quickly hooks a knee bar on, but Bliss quickly gets out. Asuka applies another facelock before transitioning into a side headlock. Bliss takes her down by the hair, but Asuka is quickly up.

Alexa Bliss runs scared to the ropes to keep her back. Asuka has a whip into the ropes reversed, and she shoulder blocks Bliss down. Asuka then mocks her. Asuka wipes her out with a running hip attack.

Asuka dances around the ring while Bliss recovers at ringside. Bliss stalls for a few moments outside the ring and slowly gets in before rolling back out. Bliss stalls for even longer before getting in the ring.

Asuka hits her with a snapmare and knees her in the face twice. Bliss puts herself through the ropes once again before getting a cheap kick in on Asuka. Bliss immediately gets out of the ring. Asuka wasn’t hurt by the kick.

We come back from the break to see Asuka trapped in a body scissor. During the break, Bliss tied her in the ropes and kicked her in the ribs. Asuka gets out of the body scissor and applies an ankle lock. Bliss claws to the ropes and pulls Asuka ribs-first into the ropes.

Alexa Bliss goes outside and twists Asuka’s midsection around the ring post. Bliss gets her in the center of the ring, punches away at her, and picks up a two count. Asuka quickly pins her for a two count. Bliss takes her down with a backbreaker before punching away at her to pick up another two count. Bliss reapplies the body scissor.

Asuka is trapped for a bit, but turns around. Bliss then hooks her in a guillotine. Asuka gets out with a Kimura Lock, but Bliss gets to the ropes. Bliss quickly takes her down with a shot to the ribs and stomps her in the corner. Bliss feigns an avalanche and slaps her.

Asuka angrily slaps her back and dropkicks her twice. Asuka then comes off the second rope with a missile dropkick. Asuka hits a running hip attack in the corner before throwing her by the hair. Asuka hits a second running hip attack and stalks her.

Bliss blocks a takedown and elbows her. Asuka blocks a kick and viciously knees her in the face. Bliss stumbles to the corner and tries for a desperation victory roll, but Asuka sits on her shoulders for a near fall.

Bliss then dropkicks Asuka out of the ring. Asuka kicks her in the side of the head, gets in the ring, and applies her arm bar. Bliss taps out!


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