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WWE Great Balls of Fire : Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks – Raw Women’s Title Match


Alexa Bliss retained her Raw Women’s Championship at WWE Great Balls of Fire, but she didn’t defeat Sasha Banks to do it — she merely survived.

Sasha very clearly was looking to embarrass Bliss in their title clash, and Little Miss Bliss pulled out every dirty trick in the book to stop her, even exploiting a double-jointed elbow to make it appear as though she’d broken her arm before socking Sasha in the face.

When that didn’t work, she tried to take a walk only to sucker Sasha in again. Bliss bounced Banks’ back off the apron and focused the entirety of her offense on the vulnerable area for the rest of the title bout.

A gutsy Banks refused to stay down, even as Bliss’ attacks on her spine grew in savagery by the second. The Boss even gained an advantage, throwing hands with the champion and countering a Twisted Bliss with knees to the gut before locking in the Bank Statement moments later.

Alexa somehow managed to break the hold by crawling her way to the ropes, at which point she decided to hold onto her title by any means necessary.

Bliss scurried away from Sasha over and over, finally fending off The Boss with a slap to the face to take what seemed to be an intentional count-out loss to remain champion.

Not remotely satisfied with this turn of events, Sasha pursued Alexa up the ramp, shoved her into the LED boards and flattened Bliss with leaping double knees off the announce table to the concrete floor.

So, yes, Alexa gets to keep the Raw Women’s Championship. But everyone knows who won this fight.


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