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WWE Fastlane : Asuka vs. Mandy Rose – SmackDown Women’s Championship Match 2019


Asuka defends her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Mandy Rose in Cleveland. Ohio knowing that if she can successfully defend her title then she will walk into WrestleMania as Champion for the first time.

Rose entered the ring with an obvious advantage as Sonya Deville accompanied The Golden Goddess for her Women’s Championship match against Asuka.

Asuka took the fight to Rose from the getgo and went for an early submission, knowing that she had all of the advantage, but Rose made it to the ropes. Rose tried to fight back, but Asuka locked in an Ankle Lock and Sonya Deville was forced to help Rose escape with a distraction.

Rose locked in an abdominal stretch on Asuka, but The Empress was able to fight up and top this with an Octopus before she was dumped on her head as Rose fought out of the submission.

The Empress then delivered a stunning slap to the face of Rose before a dropkick, followed by a straight kick to the face and a German suplex. Meanwhile, Deville was seen looking for a weapon at ringside as she continued to distract Asuka throughout the match.

Rose hit a knee strike to the face followed by an attempt at her finisher but Asuka managed to fight out before Deville found a kendo stick under the ring.

The match seemingly ended abruptly when Rose slipped on the ring apron that Deville had left up when she was looking for a weapon and then a kick from Asuka sealed her fate.

After the match, Rose and Deville seemingly played out the scenario that The Golden Goddess blamed Sonya for her loss and she then refused to speak to her all the back to the locker room.


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