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WWE Becky Lynch first pregnancy photoshoot

The updates about Becky Lynch’s pregnancy have been relatively scarce as The Man has managed to keep a low profile while being away from the WWE.

Becky Lynch, however, has made up for all the lost time by posting photos from her first pregnancy photoshoot, and we must say, the former RAW Women’s Champion looks incredible.

Becky Lynch took to Instagram and posted six pictures from the photoshoot, with the caption – ‘coming soon’.

Three of the photos also feature her fiancé Seth Rollins. You can check out the images below:

1638183742530 » Walnox
WWE Becky Lynch first pregnancy photoshoot » Walnox
1638183743160 » Walnox
1638183743048 » Walnox
1638183743105 » Walnox
1638183742857 » Walnox
1638183743270 » Walnox


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