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Why we are using Traffic Bots?

Have you ever thought why would someone fake visitors to his own website? Is that not deception at it best? Well, it turned out that it isn’t as they intend to achieve some goals doing that. Let take a look at some of the reasons why people make use of traffic bots.

Increase Search Engine Ranking

One of the most popular reasons why people make use of traffic bots is to increase their ranking on search engines, whether it is their page listing on Google, gig on Fiverr, and products on Amazon and eBay.

They do not visit their product directly; the bots send search queries to Google and then look out for the particular listing they want to increase its SEO and click. By doing this, they increase the Click Through Rate (CTR), and CTR is an important metric for search engine ranking.

Fake Visitors Statistics

The value of a website goes beyond the content on it – the number and quality of the visitors dictate the value more than just the content. This is because content can be replicated quickly; the same can’t be said of acquiring visitors.

Some website owners make use of traffic bots to inflate their visitors’ count when they want to sell the website or ads placement on their site. With more visitors, the website will be valued more. Some even go as far as using traffic bots to engage in ads fraud. We do not support this in any way.

Testing Performance of a Hosting Server

It is good traffic to test your website by sending it huge traffic yourself and see how it will respond. You can start out with small traffic, record your result, and increase the traffic.

You would want to know at what stage did the website performance dropped a level you wouldn’t want your visitors to experience. With this test, you will know the performance of your hosting server and how it degrades with an increase in traffic. This will help you to know when to scale up.



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