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Who flashed the ramp better: Ariana Grande or Dua Lipa or Selena Gomez


Celebs are so used to hit the ramp and to create a great gesture in front of a crowd. Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa are well-known artists in Hollywood. They have shared concert stages and have collaborations with each other.

They have created their own base of work to be portrayed. both have their own strategies to work on. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and Dua are also pals: In 2018, those two shared the stage at the Amazon Prime Day concert last year.

When it comes to hitting the ramp together it’s too difficult to choose from both these artists as they are both equally good.

Ariana Grande had her own glam to express, whereas Dua Lipa has her own bold looks. But when it comes to seeing them both together.

When it comes to choosing an artist it all depends on the perspective. What do you think??

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