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What are the best practices for Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Social media optimization (SMO) encourages businesses to analyze, audit and make adjustments to both their content and accounts to stay in line with the best practices of social media.

For effective social media marketing, you need to balance Seach engine optimization and social media optimization. This way, you create a healthy and overall solid online marketing strategy. To adopt a strong strategy, here are the top social media optimization techniques that you can use to strengthen your online presence.

Increase the visibility and reach of your content, resulting in greater engagement. Assess the overall ROI and outcomes of your social marketing. Develop a consistent process for creating content that’s poised to perform well.

Strategy Optimization :

A lack of an effective social media strategy has been quite the hurdle for some time for companies. The lack of strategy is one of the top reasons brands might fall behind in the social media world.

Around 28% of the businesses feel that the shortage of a strong strategy is the main reason that is stopping them from turning into a social enterprise. To do that perfectly, you need a social media optimization strategy with a fixed goal and objectives. An ideal strategy will focus on growth and measurable results.

When you have a strategy on paper, you will stand out and make necessary improvements.

Keyword Research :

Out of all the things you require for SEO, keyword research is one of the most important ones. Keyword research is all about finding the words and phrases that will help you. When you know what your target market is searching for, you can create content based on those results.

Keyword research will also enable you to identify industry-relevant to use within the content. Here’s an example, let’s say you run a store that deals in organic food products. People searching for #OrganicWholeFoods or other such hashtags are more likely to be your customers than others.

So naturally, you want to appear in such searches. But how would you know how many people are searching for it and which ones would be the most important to your brand? The answer is simple, use multiple SEO tools to find the best ones!

Profile Optimization :

For search engine optimization, one of the essential things is optimizing your social media profiles. Creating a profile might seem like a pretty easy task, but it is one of the most common areas where businesses fall short on their social media optimization strategy.

Consider as if your company’s page is the central pillar of your strategy. If it is not concrete, your entire social media optimization strategy will fall apart.

Here are a few pointers that will help you out while creating a winning profile:

Profile picture : A user would always check out the image before moving on to the name. Ensure that your profile picture has the company’s logo to build brand identity and start company recognition at the earliest.

Username : Usernames are one thing that you should be consistent about. Consistency across all social profiles will enable a user to find your brand’s profile easily.

Bio : Many people don’t care about what they put up on their bio, which is honestly one of the biggest mistakes they can make. State clearly what your company does with focus keywords integrated into the text. You also want to redirect users to your business’s website; therefore, include a CTA link.

As soon as you have a social media optimization strategy in place, dedicate a chunk of your time to set up profiles. Here are Neil Patel’s social media profiles for inspiration.

Use Existent Influences :

It is challenging for startups to make a place in the digital market, especially if you are just starting. Even if you have an incredible social media marketing strategy, it might take a whole lot of effort.

This is where you should consider taking help from some industry influencers and asking them to help you optimize your social profiles. Choose niche-specific influencers and bloggers to get reviews and mentions and ensure that your brand voice is heard.

Choose the right social network for your brand image :

Social networks have different characteristics, some are more business-oriented (LinkedIn), some encourage craft (Pinterest, Instagram), some generate discussions (Twitter), while some are all about building a social life and social networks (Facebook). Therefore, your approach towards these different social networks should be customized. Make sure you choose the social network that best supports your brand image and uses it.

Content Optimization :

You cant succeed in social media marketing if you have subpar content on your website. There are two main types of content that you put on social media:

Original content that your team produces

Curated content that you take from other resources

In an ideal social media optimization world, you need a mix of the two.

Original content is the content you produce yourself, and it can include relevant infographics, texts, reports, pictures, and other such things.

For example, Pandora’s #VoicesOfPandora was a part of their Valentine’s Day campaign, and they created original content around the idea and graphics.

For best results and high engagement, make sure that both the curated and the original content is relevant to the audience. Quality is ten times more important than quantity is. Figure out what the audience wants and give them that exact thing.

Concrete Posting Schedule :

Posting timings have a significant effect on the engagement of the posts. However, the optimal time is different for different groups of audiences. The best time is highly dependent on the audience.

Apart from the time to post, you should also focus on the frequencies of the posting. It is best if you track when you get the maximum reach and post on those timings.

You don’t want to bombard your followers with a million posts a day, and you don’t want them to forget about you either by not posting for days on end.





Social campaigns

You can also use social campaigns to promote your brand. Use valuable incentives that will encourage social media users to participate in the campaigns. You can create contests for the most number of likes, shares or the best picture showing the customer using your brand. The rewarded customers will automatically be converted into social media brand ambassadors for your products and services.

Social Media Analytics :

Tracking your Social Media Optimization is essential, as it explains how well your strategy is working out. You can use Google Analytics to track the URLs.

Aside from tracking the traffic, you need to keep an eye on the social media metrics. This would show you the engagement on all posts.

All social media platforms have different metrics to track engagement, such as likes, shares, retweets, comments, etc.

Relevant Hashtags :

Hashtags are as crucial as the content itself, especially when it comes to social media optimization techniques. No matter what the platform is, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, all have their hashtag integrations in some form or the other.

Hashtags honestly make the content so much better and increase visibility. They make the content easy to track and categorize. And let’s face it, they are quite fun to use.

Engaging Visuals And Text :

Too much text and no visuals will kill your social media profile faster than a bullet. This is why you need to strengthen your brand’s image on social media by creating useful content that other channels would be willing to share. Include user-generated content to portray your work and get free content, which can be shared within the page. Use hashtags to increase engagement, but make sure you don’t overuse them and clutter your posts.

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