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WandaVision Final Episode | Spoiler Alert


So, Wandavision’s finale was released today on Disney+, and it was AMAZING. Sure, some people will be disappointed as they had huge expectations for the finale, but it was still amazing.

Warning- Spoilers ahead :

So you are still here? Good for you.

So, first, Fietro is Ralph

Yeah, disappointment, I know, he’s not Fox Quicksilver, but maybe he’ll be used again. Let’s hope for the best.

Second, White Vision is now the new Vision.

No, they didn’t merge. It’s still unclear as to what happened to him, but he just.. left. Also, he tried to kill Wanda before he realised he was Vision. He has the original Vision’s memories tho.

That book in Agatha’s basement is confirmed to be the Darkhold.

Also, Wanda is confirmed to be more powerful than Doctor Strange.

Elizabeth Olsen looks amazing in her new costume.

And, the Episode ended by Wanda reading the Darkhold in her astral form.

There were some other points too, like the twins are dead, Hayward is in prison and others.

I didn’t care much about Wanda or Vision before the series, but now I love both of them, especially Wanda. The actors, Kevin Fiege, the directors and the writers nailed this one, and now I’m excited for Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

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