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User Guide : Sticky Notes Windows 10

Sticky Notes Windows 10 : If you are a person with fish memory and need some method to be able to write down your notes, or if you want to plan your weekly work in a simple and visible way, today, we will explore in-depth the Sticky Notes Windows 10 tool.

Windows 10 could not be left behind in this regard, and that is why it offers a post-it application natively for your desktop. This way, you can write down the things you need in a note that will be attached to your desk constantly. If you did not know that this application was available, today we will give a good review of it to see what you can offer us.

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User Guide : Sticky Notes Windows 10 » Walnox

What is Sticky Notes Windows 10

Well, with the introduction we have made, and with its own name, you can already imagine that this tool is used to create small notes that are constantly visible on the desktop.

This application is extremely simple but very functional. If what you need is to simply write something quickly, customize it in a basic way, and leave it visible on your desktop every time you start the system, this is your application. There are neither loading screens, nor interfaces with a thousand useless options. Just open and write.

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User Guide : Sticky Notes Windows 10 » Walnox

Where is Sticky Notes Windows 10

In principle, this application should be installed natively in any version of Windows 10. To open it, we will only have to go to the start menu and write “Sticky Notes.” It will automatically appear as the main option in the system search engine. To open it, we can press Enter with the keyboard or click on it.

If we want to anchor the icon in the block area of ​​the start menu or in the taskbar, we will have to click on the icon with the right button and choose one of these two options. It will automatically be anchored in one of the two chosen places, and we will no longer need to look for it anymore.

If, on the contrary, you have written your name and cannot find this application, you may not have it installed for any reason.

Install Sticky Notes Windows 10

This application is available in the Microsoft Store for free, so we can easily find and install it.

  • We go to the start menu and write “Microsoft Store ” and press Enter to open the official Microsoft store
  • Inside it, we write “Sticky Notes ” and click on search.
  • Among the search results, this application will appear first.

We click on the icon of this, and at the top or right next to this icon, the install button will appear. If we give it, the application will automatically be installed.

Use Sticky Notes

The use of this application is quite simple. When we open it, a window will appear for us to access with a Microsoft account. If our Windows user is a Microsoft account, we can access it.



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