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Unknown facts that you don’t know about Emily Browning? Revealed All!

Emily Browning is best known for her breakout role in A Series of Unfortunate Events, but this Australian actress has proven she can act in virtually every genre since then. From a gangster thriller to an action-packed girl power film, Emily’s shown her range in a variety of roles. Keep reading to find out more about this talented Melbourne native!

When Was Emily Browning Born?

Emily was born on December 7, 1988, making her 30 years of age right now.

Where Was Emily Browning Born?

Emily was born in Melbourne, Australia.

How Tall is Emily Browning?

Emily’s height is 1.55m, or 5 ft 1 in.

How Much Does Emily Browning Weigh?

Emily’s weight is 51 kg, or 112.5 pounds.

What Are Emily Browning’s Measurements?

Emily’s measurements are 33-23-34.

What Is Emily Browning’s Nationality?

Emily is of Australian ethnicity and nationality.

Where Did Emily Browning Go To School?

Emily went to Hurstbridge Learning Co-op and Eltham High School.

Where Does Emily Browning Live?

Emily currently has a house in Melbourne.

Who Are Emily Browning’s Parents?

Emily’s parents are Andrew and Shelley Browning

Does Emily Browning Have Any Siblings?

Emily has two brothers, Nicholas and Matthew.

What Did Emily Browning Look Like When She Was Young?

When she was younger, Emily Browning already had her distinctive elfin features, freckles, and brunette hair.

Is Emily Browning Gay?

No. Don’t let her lesbian sex scene in The Affair mislead you! Judging from Emily’s dating history, she’s straight.

Does Emily Browning Have A Boyfriend?

Nope. Emily is currently single.

Who Is Emily Browning’s Husband?

Emily doesn’t have a husband. She has never been married.

Who Has Emily Browning Dated In The Past?

Emily’s first ex-boyfriend was Max Anderson, whom she broke up with in 2006 before dating Australian model and musician Max Turner. Emily’s third ex is actor Max Irons, best known for Red Riding Hood and The White Queen.

They broke up after a year, and Emily started dating her Plush co-star, Xavier Samuel. She dated Xavier from 2012 to 2015. Although she was later linked to film writer Eddie O’Keefe, the gossip has gone unconfirmed.

Who Is Emily Browning’s Manager?

Emily is currently being managed by Catherine Poulton Management.

What Films Has Emily Browning Appeared In?

Emily’s IMDb page reveals a long filmography. She has most notably starred in Sleeping BeautyThe Uninvited, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Emily has also co-starred with Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington in the 2014 film Pompeii, before portraying Frances Shea in the 2015 crime biopic Legend with Tom Hardy.

One movie not on her credits? Twilight. Despite being endorsed by author Stephanie Meyer, she turned down the request to audition, citing exhaustion. Emily’s known for passing on projects that don’t speak to her, saying, “Often the film is good, but you’re playing the girlfriend role.

Is Emily Browning A Singer?

Yes! She’s shown off her singing in several movies, like Plush and God Help The Girl. Her audition tape for Sucker Punch featured her singing, which moved her casting agent to tears. Her beautiful voice has made her tracks part of the soundtracks of many of her movies.

What TV Shows Has Emily Browning Appeared In?

Emily’s acting debut was on TV as Opal Ritchie in The Echo of Thunder. She starred in Something In The Air and Blue Heelers before transitioning to the silver screen. Recently, she’s made a return to television, starring as Laura Moon in American Gods and Sierra in The Affair.

What Are Emily Browning’s Best Fashion Moments?

Emily loves collared shirts with jeans and sunglasses, but her top style moments are easily when she mixes up whimsical prints and colours. We’re obsessed with this emerald skirt and Miu Miu animal-print blouse combo she wore while promoting Legend!

What Are Emily Browning’s Best Red Carpet Outfits?

She’s worn many beautiful high fashion numbers, but we’re still hung up on this coral Roksanda dress she wore at the world premiere of Legend. A close runner-up would be the pink Miu Miu tulle gown she wore for the L.A. premiere of American Gods’ second season!

What Have Been Emily Browning’s Best Hairstyles?

Three Emily Browning hairstyles remain firm style faves: her blonde pigtails in Sucker Punch, her pixie-like short hair in 2011, and long black hair styled in loose waves.

Was Emily Browning Part Of The Fappening Nude Photo Scandal?

Yes. She was listed as one of the actresses who are alleged victims of the leak. The authenticity of the leaked nude pics, though, has never been confirmed.

Has Emily Browning Ever Been Naked On Screen?

Yes. Notably, she spends a good portion of Sleeping Beauty being naked. However, she is very firm about having a say with how much to expose and why for her roles. She actually requested that the bikini waxing scene not take everything off, which was readily granted by the director Julia Leigh.

Does Emily Browning Smoke?

Not anymore. Emily used to smoke, but in an interview for her role in Legend, she said it was difficult for her to smoke on screen as she had recently quit.

What Is Emily Browning’s Skin Care Routine?

Emily has always given interviews on her acting, and surprisingly none about her skincare despite her perfect porcelain complexion. Two products that have been spotted in her bag are Lucas Papaw Ointment and Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist.

Has Emily Browning Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

No. It was rumoured that her high cheekbones were due to implants, but that’s unfounded gossip.

What Is Emily Browning’s Makeup Routine?

Emily’s makeup routine is a mystery. She usually keeps her makeup pretty natural-looking with rosy lips and subtle eyeshadow, but she’ll slick on a bold red lip for red carpet events.

Does Emily Browning Have Any Tattoos?

She has one tattoo: the phrase “a blessed unrest that keeps us marching”, which is part of a quote about expectations by choreographer Martha Graham. A tiny lightning bolt was spotted on her right arm in 2015, but it’s not known if it’s permanent.

What is Emily Browning’s Workout Routine?

Emily admitted that before Sucker Punch, she had never worked out in her whole life. She endured a gruelling all-day routine for the movie, starting with four and a half hours of martial arts training, then weight training and pull-ups after lunch. We’re not sure if she stuck with it since then, but she still looks great!

What Is Emily Browning’s Diet?

Her regular diet is a mystery, but she revealed that to prep for Sucker Punch, she and the other actresses were put on strict high-protein diets to build muscle. They would have cheat nights on Wednesdays with plenty of cake, though!

Is Emily Browning On Instagram?

Yes. Emily has a lowkey social media presence, but she will occasionally post on @emilyjanebrowning.

Emily’s Not Chasing Mainstream Success, But She Can’t Help Stealing The Scenes

Her Wiki filmography may reveal more indie roles than blockbuster hits, but Emily Browning’s acting continues to shine in the roles that she chooses and loves. This actress is short in stature but not on talent, and we’re excited to see what she does next in American Gods as Laura Moon!



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