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Turret Merge Defense | Android Gameplay and Walkthrough


Install and merge unique Turrets and destroy the waves of monsters!

Fun and exciting game with a touch of one finger!
Play the “Turret Merge Defense” now!

# 16 different types of unique and special ability Turrets!
# 15 World Maps with over 1500 stages!
# Exciting battle against Boss monster that uses unique & powerful skill!
# Great rewards when you defeat a Boss or clear a stage!
# Experience special effects by engaging challenging combat with the same Turrets! # Challenge Mode!
# Great rewards when you complete Daily Mission and Achievements!
# Check out where you stand against users from all over the world! # Global Rank!

[How to Play]

  1. Merge 2 same type Turrets!
  • Install more Turrets by using the Gold obtained from battles!
  • Recycle the Turrets that you don’t need any more. You can get Gold for them!
  1. Collect Turret Pieces from battles or buy them from the Shop!
  • You can use the Turret Pieces to level up the Turret.
  • Turret effect will be upgraded when you level up the Turret.
  1. Add special upgrade features to the Turret!
  • 4 different types of upgrade effects can be set by using the Upgrade Card in [Menu – Upgrade].
  • Upgrade Slot is unlocked when you clear a certain stage.
  • You can get Card Pieces when you dismantle an Upgrade Card. Use the Card Pieces to upgrade a Card.
  1. Engage in a thrilling battle against monsters in the Challenge Mode!
  • Fight monsters with the same Turrets.
  • Ally will receive special buff effects for the number of Normal stages cleared.



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