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The Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz

The clock’s ticking… only 1% of Stranger Things fans will get 100% in this quiz. Do your worst.

0:00 – The Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz
0:19 – What song helps rescue Max from Vecna’s curse?
0:52 – At surfer boy pizza everything is fresh except for… what?
1:26 – Where does Vecna’s clock first appear?
2:02 – What film does Jonathan suggest going to see?
2:27 – What is the name of Eddie’s band?
2:59 – What torture device do the Russians use on Hopper?
3:24 – What film does Steve recommend to the customer in Family Video?
4:00 – What product is Yuri infamous for smuggling into Russia?
4:32 – Eddie’s uncle compares Victor Creel to which movie monster?
5:24 – What colour are the socks Mike buys at the Rink-O-Mania?
5:58 – What D&D alignment is Erica’s character, Lady Applejack?
6:38 – What is the third word spelled out on the Lite Brite toy from the Upside Down?
7:14 – What number is on Lucas’s basketball jersey?
7:47 – What is Reefer Rick’s full name?
8:10 – What is the name of El’s new Californian teacher?

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Darkness returns to Hawkins just in time for spring break, igniting fresh terror, disturbing memories — and an ominous new threat.



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