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The Mysterios vs The Miz and Logan Paul : WWE WrestleMania 38 results

The Mysterios vs The Miz and Logan Paul : Paul showed off some impressive athleticism early on, leapfrogging Rey Mysterio multiple times before hitting a split mid-ring. That only served to get Paul kicked in the head, however, and he was forced to tag out to Miz.

Paul continued to show off some impressive moves, including drilling Dominik Mysterio with a running powerslam and a blockbuster. While Miz and Paul used several cheap tactics to keep control, the Mysterios kept fighting back, using a variety of DDTs and speed-based moves to continue to fight back.

In a moment of cheap heel heat, Paul hit Rey with the Three Amigos and a frog splash with an Eddie Guerrero shimmy. The Guerreros responded by hitting Paul with a tandem 619 but they missed a blind tag by the Miz, who was able to sneak into the ring and hit a Skull-Crushing Finale on Rey to get the win.

After the match, Miz turned on Paul and hit him with a Skull-Crushing Finale. Unsurprisingly, a celebrity match at WrestleMania was a fun ride. Paul being a young, athletic performer certainly didn’t hurt anything.

The Miz & Logan Paul def. The Mysterios via pinfall.



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