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The Aztecs: From Empire to A.I. | Podcast HD

Spain’s victory over the Aztec begins colonization of Mexico, but Aztec culture will survive for centuries through preservation and practice. Aztec codices—16th-century “Rosetta Stones”...

Save The Titanic With Bob Ballard | Full Episode

100 years after the Titanic tragically sank on her maiden voyage, the shipwreck is at risk. Will the Titanic be lost again? Dr. Robert...

IMPACT With Gal Gadot | Ice Breakers – Ep. 1

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.: Follow the story of Kameryn, a 20-year-old figure skating coach in Detroit who has dedicated her life to coaching young girls...

Feast or Famine (Full Episode)

Despite the fact there is hardly any snow, a Polish truck driver is unfortunate and hits a rare patch ice on the road, causing...

Adapt or Die (Full Episode)

To harvest the riches of the Arctic you must pay your respects to Mother Nature, but reaping her rewards can cost Alaska's residents everything. About...

Legend of Atlantis (Full Episode)

Exciting evidence emerges of civilizations lost for centuries under the waves, from mysterious underwater pyramids off the coast of Japan to the fabled city...

Full Episode : Lost World of the Maya

The Maya - their soaring pyramids, monumental cities and mythical mastery of astronomy and mathematics have captured our imaginations and spurred generations of explorers...

Beyond Death (Full Episode)

Host Morgan Freeman explores how different religions of past and present answer the question: What happens when we die? About National Geographic: National Geographic is...

Donating a Kidney to a Stranger

Watch the personal story of Hendrik Gerrits as he donates his kidney to a stranger, setting off a kidney donor chain that becomes a...

Full Episode : Dawn of Darkness

Led by a ruthless commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled warrior queen is hell-bent on winning back...

Blood Warriors (Full Episode)

Survival instructor and wilderness guide Hazen Audel travels to some of the world's most remote tribal communities to learn how they have survived for...

Mountains (Full Episode)

The highest mountains on Earth are home to snow leopards, golden eagles, mountain goats, barnacle goslings and gelada monkeys. But only the toughest can...


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