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Learn to enable Wide Spectrum Audio in FaceTime on Mac

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to enable Wide Spectrum Audio in FaceTime on your Apple Mac device. Step 1: On your Apple...

Learn to install the latest macOS Monterey on your Mac

The macOS 12.0.1 is the first public Monterey release and it weighs around 12GB. So, you will need a bit more disk space than...

Enable Announce Alert feature on macOS device

The feature is a part of the Accessibility suite of tools in macOS and is designed for people with visual impairments but anyone can...

Learn to enable key repetition feature in macOS via Terminal

While this is handy, it is not useful for many users. Also, with this feature, the company has disabled the feature that allows you...

Learn about Installing macOS Monterey Developer Preview

Before proceeding further, do note that to install macOS 12 Monterey Developer Beta on your Mac, you need to have an account with the...

Enable Tap To Click function on your MacBook

In this step-by-step guide, we will show how you can quickly and easily change your system’s settings from Press to Click to Tap to...

Enable or disable apps opening at login in macOS

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how you can add or remove apps from the list to auto-launch at startup. macOS allows users...

Show or hide file extensions on your macOS device

If you are using a Mac device, you would have noticed that just like the Windows operating system, the Finder app in the system...

Learn to Set custom backgrounds in Safari

Set custom backgrounds in Safari : Earlier this year, Apple revealed its all-new macOS Big Sur operating system for the Mac devices —...

Disable Menu transparency in Mac devices

Apple’s macOS comes with a redesigned user interface that has added a transparent menu bar and sidebars. If this feature is a bit distracting...

Download and install macOS Big Sur on your Mac device

At WWDC this year, Apple announced its new macOS 11 Big Sur with several new features and a design upgrade. Now, months after unveiling its new...

Disable bouncing effect for dock icons on Mac

In macOS, one of the easiest ways to launch any application is through the Dock bar which is at the bottom of the screen...


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