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Adorable Tiger Cub Moments | Part 1

We dig in the BBC Earth archives to bring you the best Tiger cub moments released on the channel! Adorable Tiger Cub Moments Part 1...

Paranormal Activity May Be Triggering Aggressive Cat

Jackson Galaxy seems perplexed as to why Harold keeps attacking fellow cat, Ninja, but their owner thinks that the reason could be one of...

Best Of Autumn

A selection of the most inspiring autumnal moments from the BBC Earth archives. Best Of Autumn | BBC Earth

Full Episode : Dawn of Darkness

Led by a ruthless commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled warrior queen is hell-bent on winning back...

Mountains (Full Episode)

The highest mountains on Earth are home to snow leopards, golden eagles, mountain goats, barnacle goslings and gelada monkeys. But only the toughest can...

Top 5 | Reindeer Moments

Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of...

These Adorable Rescued Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

Throughout the years at the Villalobos Rescue Center, Tia and the team have helped rescued many puppies in various levels of urgency. Here are...

New-born Amur Leopards | Nature’s Miracle Babies

At Colchester Zoo, and Le parc des Félines a small team of zookeepers are trying to ensure the next generation of Amur Leopard, which...

Florida fisherman caught a gator weighed more than 1,000 pounds

For three years Corey Capps had been dreaming of catching the massive alligator in the river behind his home in Blountstown, Florida. Now he can say...

Funny video – world cup cat

Funny video - world cup cat. Must watch.

Huge Green Sea Turtle Trapped Between Rocks Rescued

A woman and her boyfriend rescued a green turtle jammed between rocks on a beach in Oman. The pair spotted the turtle while they were...

World’s smallest species of Cat in the world

When it comes to wild cats, much of the spotlight gets put on nature’s largest and most fearsome, such as the lion or the...