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Stranger Things Season 4 Theories That Will BLOW Your Mind

Stranger Things Season 4 : Is Hopper really dead? Will Eleven get her powers back? What about the Carrie theory?! The finale of Stranger Things Season 3 left us with our hearts and minds racing.

Here are the most interesting/wild/crazy fan theories we’ve read online for the last episodes.

What do you think will happen to Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Jim, Steve, Robin and the gang? Season 4, Part A flips Netflix upside down on May 27.

00:00 – Stranger Things Fan Theories
00:27 – Is Hopper really dead?
1:35 – Will there be time-travel?
1:51 – Is Martin Brenner ‘The American’?
2:28 – Is Brenner alive and in hiding?
3:07 – What do the clocks mean?
3:21 – Is Brenner The Mind Flayer in disguise?
3:41 – Will we meet more of the test subjects?
4:15 – How are Californian and Russian storylines connected?
4:50 – Was Hopper’s daughter Sarah connected to the rainbow room?

4:57 – Did Hopper cry in the Hawkins lab?
5:07 – Is the rainbow room in Russia?
5:30 – Is the Creel House linked to the upside-down?
6:11 – Did Hopper suppress Eleven’s powers?
6:40 – The Carrie Theory
7:17 – Will Mike find a different girlfriend to Eleven?
7:40 – Who are the Creel Family?
8:07 – Are Mrs Creel and Karen Wheeler related?
8:14 – The Victor/Nightmare on Elm Street Theory
8:34 – Is the clock a gateway to the upside-down?

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