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Shraddha Kapoor’s looks gorgeous in violet saree, check out

The gorgeous Stree actress has been a favourite of many young girls when it comes to drawing fashion inspiration.

However, not many are aware, Shraddha herself raids her mom Shivangi and maasi Padmini Kolhapure’s closets and well, her prized possessions have a sweet and sentimental connection with their wardrobes. 

Yes, the gorgeous Stree actress often sifts through her mom and aunt’s closets to don their stunning sarees. In fact, she considers them her heirlooms.

A source close to the actress spilled the beans about her prized possessions to us and said that she loves to try on and drape her mom and maasi’s sarees whenever she gets the chance.

Well, we surely know now, how Shraddha manages to steal the show whenever she steps out in a gorgeous saree. 

A source told us, “Whenever she gets a chance, she goes through sarees of her mum and maasi, and tries draping it around her.

She’s extremely close to both of them and the sentimental value these sarees hold are way more important than fashion choices for her and her heirloom will be these sarees.”



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