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Selena Gomez To Dua Lipa : Celebrities Giving Cues On How To Slay The Bikini On Beach


This summer, women like to hit the shores with their perfect bikinis. The bikini also shows equality among men. When you have to get a golden tan, there is no way you are getting without your bikinis.

These days women can slay with their bikinis and it has become a fashion for them. All Hollywood stars like to go to shores with bikinis on.

Here are some of the Hollywood stars with their sexiest bikinis :

1. Selena Gomez :

Selena Gomez is in her ‘best mode’ with her floral green coloured bikini which is also quite affordable. She looks like a real star. Take a look

2. Dua Lipa :

As we all know she is the sexiest singer alive and she likes to slay her sexiest look. Here is her photo of her sexy floral pink bikini soaking up the sun.

3. Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian is seen wearing a perfect animal print bikini. Take a look!

4. Bella Thorne :

She has the perfect figure for a bikini. Here is a picture in which her olive green bikinis shows it all. She looks like a goddess in her new post. Take a look!

5. Salma Hayek :

Salma Hayek is the sexiest star in Hollywood. Keeping her age in mind, the 54 year old actress has the best bikini shots ever.

Here is her photo with a pink fluorescent bikini with a brocade which looks so awesome on her. She is in her 50s and she has still not got out of shape. Her curves and can compete with any of the other hot women in Hollywood.


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