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Selena Gomez dons chef’s hat in new series : Selena + Chef trailer


Selena + Chef, Selena Gomez’s virtual cook-along with some of the best known celebrity chefs starts streaming on HBO Max from August 13.

HBO Max on Wednesday released the trailer of Selena Gomez’s new show Selena + Chef. Here, the It Ain’t Me singer collaborates with chefs to cook up a meal. While that sounds pretty lame, the trailer suggests that this is going to be fun on a platter.

Selena Gomez and the celebrity chefs are virtually connected as the singer takes instructions from them to cook some of the best looking dishes, but the chefs have no way of physically helping her which leads to some errors. Her taste-testers are her friends and family members, and they don’t seem to be always pleased.

Watch the trailer of Selena + Chef here:

Roy Choi, Tanya Holland, Antonia Lofaso, Candice Kumai are some of the chefs who will appear on the series.

HBO Max was launched in May 2020, and while it was previously hyped that the service will be launched with a Friends reunion episode, plans were dramatically changed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Shows like Love Life, Expecting Amy and Close Enough are already streaming on the new OTT platform. The service will soon stream its first feature film, An American Pickle, starring Seth Rogen.

Selena + Chef is a ten-episode series that starts streaming on August 13.

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