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Samsung AltZLife Private Mode on Galaxy A71 and A51 goes official

Samsung has introduced a new privacy feature for its Indian Users that allows them to quickly switch between a new private mode by double-clicking the power button.

This new ‘Make for India’ privacy feature called AltZLife has been introduced on Samsung Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A51.

Since most of the young generation has private chats, images, and videos on their smartphones that they don’t like sharing with anyone the AltZLife will help hide them in a more secure and an easy way.

The introduction of AltZLife means that users can now say goodbye to the third-party applications and make use of this new feature without worrying about their data getting stolen.

AltZLife brings in two features-Quick Switch and Content Suggestions. The Quick Switch feature allows its users to jump between two app modes easily. The first mode is always the normal one whereas the other app mode is the private mode that has all your private data. Thanks to this you can now have a whole new private Gallery with your personal images and a whole new Private WhatsApp with the messages you don’t want to be seen by normal users.

Just double click on the Power button and you’ll get access to the private mode for the App.  Switching between apps requires Authentication which means that there won’t be any risk to your personal data.

Moving on, Content Suggestions is an AI-based app that is bundled with the Secure Folder and it automatically suggests images from various categories that should be moved in the secured folder. Users just have to select some faces or the type of images that they want to keep protected and the app handles the rest.

In addition to this, it is worth noting that everything is stored on your device and it doesn’t have any interaction with the cloud servers which helps to keep your data more secure.

The new update has already started rolling out in India and both existing and new users for the Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 can take advantage of it by updating their software to the latest version. We hope Samsung launches this feature to other Galaxy devices too in the future.



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