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Revcontent | Content Marketing, Native Advertising and Discovery

Reach: 180mm – 500mm daily impressions, both for Mobile and Desktop, with 0.42% – 1.52% CTR and $0.01 – $0.20 CPCs

Traffic: 50%+ premium US traffic, large audiences in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Portugal, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, France, and many more

Targeting options: location-based, site & placement, device & operating system, ZIP & DMA, brand, topic

Top websites: Forbes, Los Angeles Times, CBS Interactive, USA Today Sports, Tribune Media, Nasdaq

Revcontent | Content Marketing, Native Advertising and Discovery
Revcontent | Content Marketing, Native Advertising and Discovery » Walnox

Revcontent is a leading content marketing platform. Specializing in content discovery, the company uses high-tech software and expert partnerships to help advertisers and publishers connect with a quality target audience and monetize their experience.  

Revcontent cooperates with brands, media publishers, affiliates, and more. The platform advertises itself as the provider of high-quality traffic. In fact, this fastest growing native advertising network rejects a vast majority of publishers for not complying with their quality standards. This makes their advertisers sure to receive the world’s leading publisher sites. Simply by taking such an aggressive approach in terms of supply and demand, Revcontent’s tier 1 publishers have seen a 117% increase (and still growing) in ECPM since Q1 2018.

Revcontent recommendation units can take the form of Native, Video & Display ads to appear in a variety of placements around the world’s leading media websites; primarily in-feed or below editorial content. Native ads can be further characterized as stacked ads, ads below content, ads in sidebar, and ad midstreams. Quite importantly, their native widgets are fully customizable, guaranteeing a seamless experience for online audiences. 

Revcontent should definitely be considered by those of you who bet on a strong brand awareness being translated into high performance from the very beginning. 

This native ad network aims to maximize user experience and engagement with higher revenue, publisher control, and audience engagement tools that provide an additional revenue stream to the publishers. What will matter to the advertisers is that Revcontent allows you to choose between the 2 bidding models: CPC – standard cost per click and vCPM – cost per 1,000 viewable impressions. 

Additional perks: granular brand-safety and content quality controls, unique first-party demand, real time reporting, premium partnerships, white-glove account management, domain & placement level transparency, built in bot & fraud prevention, push notification traffic

RevContent is a good choice for verticals such as nutrition, e-commerce, insurance, and many more.



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