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Open Windows File Explorer using Command Prompt [Windows 10]


Aside from using the desktop shortcut, keyboard shortcut, taskbar icon, Start menu, Power user menu, Run command, Task Manager, and Cortana, there’s one more way you can open the File Explorer and it’s by using the prominent Windows Command Prompt. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Launch Command Prompt using the Start menu or use the Run command. Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run and type ‘cmd‘ without quotes to open the Command Prompt on your PC.
  • The Command Prompt will open and it will show you the default User directory path.

Now type the following command in the Command Prompt.

start .

start ..

The dot . in the command indicates the current directory whereas the double .. takes you to the parent folder.

The first command will open the folder in the File Explorer that reflects the current directory while the second command will open the parent folder of the current directory.

Adding a backslash and two periods will go one directory back. Here’s the command that will look like.

Note: Use the backslash in the following command, not the forward-slash as shown, the command shown below is just for reference, you must use the backslash.

start ../..

This is how you can open File Explorer on Windows 10. It’s just for fun and for the knowledge, you can always use the easy method of opening the File Explorer and not use the Command Prompt for daily use. 


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