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My Friends Only Care About My Twin : Niki and Gabi Halloween | EPISODE 1

Welcome to Niki and Gabi Halloween! Since Niki and Gabi’s birthday trip at the Jersey Shore this past summer, a lot has changed in the sisters’ lives.

Gabi is overwhelmed planning her wedding while grieving the loss of her dog, Lily. Niki, on the other hand, is in the middle of a web of friend drama, feeling like her friends only care about her twin.

Although Niki has distanced from a lot of friends, she notices her sister not seeming like herself since her dog passed, so has the idea to throw a halloween party together in hopes they both back in the spirit, and hopefully fix things with their friend group.

What seemed like a good idea, might’ve not been a good idea… watch to find out what happens!

NIKI and Gabi Halloween EP 1: My Friends Only Care About my Twin



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