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Merge Empires | strategy game | Android Gameplay

Merge Empires : Lumberjacks, stonemasons, fishermen, miners and knights. Hire hundreds of workers, merge them and invent new crafts. Make as huge crowd of people as you can. Your village will grow and develop, you’ll become a king of huge, totally overcrowded empire!

Move on to new worlds and eras. Conquer oceans and defeat pirates, destroy tanks, trenches, jeeps and aircrafts. Finally make huge money, develop your company’s head quarters and become a master of skyscrapers in the wild modern city.

This tiny civilization needs YOU to grow and rule the world.

Merge Empires Features:

– totally overcrowded empire
– different eras (kingdom, pirates, ww2, modern)
– simple addictive gameplay: merge and invent
– 50+ different units
– special heroes and boosters
– dragons, Zeppelins and aircrafts
– passive income and idle clicker feel
– Game Center leaderboards and stickers!
– attack other players from Game Center!
– lovely Spin Wheel for additional bonuses



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