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Learn from Sonakshi Sinha : Beauty and wellness Tricks

If you’re looking for eye makeup inspiration to go with your protective face mask, head to Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram page.

You’ll find graphic eyeliner looks, cat eyes and eyeshadows in every colour of the palette. These are some of our favourite beauty and wellness moments from her feed.

1. Switching up your workouts is key

2. Allowing yourself to indulge in your favourite foods is just as important

3. If you’re colouring your hair, you’ll have to care for it

4. You can get good skin days by maintaining a simple but effective routine

5. Makeup can brighten your mood, even at home

6. Learn how to draw the perfect cat eye

7. Try a bolder eyeliner look too

8. Bold lipstick can be a great addition to your look

9. False lashes can be the ultimate makeup add-on

10. Never skip the contouring step



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