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Learn from Shraddha Kapoor : Beauty and wellness tricks

Shraddha Kapoor’s real-girl approach to beauty is refreshing—the actor is a major fan of keeping it simple, using DIY ingredients to make hair packs and relying on classic makeup products to create a polished end result.

“Keep it real, comfortable and be true to yourself… the glow will inevitably follow,” she shared, which depicts it perfectly.

Here are some of the skincare and wellness tips we learn from her Instagrams.

1) A home-made hair mask works just as well as an off-the-shelf product

2) Prepping your hair is important

3) If you have sensitive skin, treat it carefully

4) Don’t underestimate the power of concealer

5) A natural makeup look can make a statement too

6) A bold lipstick shade is a must-have

7) Try a dramatic eye makeup look

8) If you’re experimenting with your hair, go all out 

9) If you find a workout routine you love, schedule it in

10) Find a way to workout, wherever you are



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