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Learn from Anushka Sharma : Beauty and wellness tricks

Anushka Sharma’s Instagram is a treasure trove for beauty and wellness tricks. The actor loves to show her fans behind-the-scenes sneak-peeks of getting ready, touching up her looks and indulging in self-care activities that she swears by.

Scroll through for your Beauty care :

1) A face massage is a pre-makeup glow hack

2) Oil-pulling can be a great for dental and digestive health

3) Elderflower is a great immune-improving drink to add to your diet

4) A great workout can be a mood-booster

5) Bold brows can frame the face

6) A lob can be a versatile and low maintenance cut

7) A punchy lip colour is a great addition to any repertoire

8) A swipe of mascara serves as an fake-awake hack 

9) Clean, glowy skin makes for the best canvas

10) Sticking to your classic look for major events is a safe bet



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