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Impossible Space – A Hero In Space | Android Gameplay


Impossible Space – A Hero In Space Walkthrough and showing game’s features.

Play offline in space as an arch hero or a tank hero with a bow or a shotgun

Explore dozens of planets with hundreds of levels to find your way through the impossible gruesome space.
its not some random bow land, its the IMPOSSIBLE SPACE!

Unlock new weapons and abilities to become stronger, faster and much more lethal to kill all the monsters and robots that are lurking in space and out to get you!
Shoot your way through the terrifying boss monsters that are just waiting to meet you face to face and stop your fight for freedom!


Hundreds of levels, each one with its unique monsters and weapons

Upgrade your character skills to become the space freedom fighter we all need

Hundreds of various weapons, each one with its own abilities

️ A one of a kind equipment system that makes it easier to upgrade all warrior gear and customize your perfect fighter

Designed for both new players in the genre and hardcore shooter game players

He is not a regular archer ,a tank hero or an arcade hunter, he is a laser shooting beast with some serious firepower