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Slay Monochrome outfit Looks Just like Katy Perry

Katy Perry cemented herself in the entertainment industry with her 2008 hit “I Kissed A Girl.”

Since then, she’s become an international pop star known not only for her hit singles, but also for her eccentric looks and daring fashion choices.

While she enjoyed stepping out in outlandish, themed outfits in her early years, these days she tends to keep things classic, chic, and shiny. 

Here are a few of Katy Perry’s best monochrome looks from head to toe that deserve mention.

Suppose anyone can slay a pregnancy look, then it is Katy Perry, and she has no competition for that. A bodycon white dress matching her blond hair is all we can be in awe of.

You could be wearing purple top to bottom. But one can never slay the look as much as Katy did. She looked gorgeous.

Nothing can go reverse when you are using blue. But looking at Katy Perry wearing top to bottom blue is certainly a sight to take inspiration from.



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