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How to get more clicks on affiliate links?


There are a lot of ways to get More clicks on affiliate and there are a lot of ways to ensure you don’t get clicks.

But since you asked about what works, let’s focus on principles that can work for you to get clicks. And after I state this principals, I will list some specific ways for you to get more clicks.

  • Don’t be too pushy with a product. In other words, don’t sell a product. If you’re on social media sites and just plastering the affiliate links all over the place, then it won’t work. Because people don’t know you. People won’t buy a product just because you think it’s awesome.
  • Be a credible person who can provide terrific content to add value within the market you are trying to promote your product. Content will eventually lead to the product.
  • Don’t be fake. Be yourself. This can especially be a problem in the wealth niche, in which people will literally lease out a Lamborghini so they can have their picture with it and proclaim to the world they know how to make money so you can have your dream Lamborghini. No content, just flashy items. After the picture they return the Lamborghini and drive off in the 1999 Dodge Van. Not that there is anything wrong with vans.


Ok, so to get clicks, you can apply the above principles with videos on YouTube. It’s free and its the way to provide content nowadays. It can be a challenge speaking to a camera and/or cell phone. I can relate.

Some are better at it then others, but give it a try. Because when you make videos, people will warm up to you (at least you hope they do) and be more open to clicking the affiliate links under your video.

Put a disclaimer under your video stating the links are affiliate links.

Another video method is Facebook Live! If you have a good following of people who have a need for your product then by all means go live on FB and build up your audience with excitement about your product.

You can get more clicks through Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat (for the younger audience), and YouTube Ads!! The great thing about these ads is that you can target the right audience.

Native ads on social media work very well to get more clicks because they don’t appear as desperate as the ad to the right on the screen screaming, “Please stop what you’re doing and click me! PLEASE!” Native ads appear in the flow of the newsfeed page and people are more apt to clicking on a native ad.

Now when it comes to these paid ads, it is highly important that you target the right audience. If thousands of people see your affiliate link, but a lot of them are not within the niche, then it’s pointless and you’ve wasted your money.

Be very specific to these companies about what you’re trying to promote and who you are trying to promote to.

Also, when it comes to these paid ads, you can set your budget and the websites will take you through how to set it up step by step.

Solo ads can be good, but I would definitely advise you not to fall into a trap of believing solo ads will be your ultimate answer for clicks converting to sales.

The solo ad sellers lists are blasted with promotional material a lot and typically won’t be as enthusiastic about the product as you are.

You can also use influencer traffic. A good website is Ifluenz to guide you in that process. If you have a website of your own that can lead people to your link, then imagine how great it would be to get a shout out from a prominent figure on the internet who has thousands upon thousands of followers. Good stuff!

So give those principles and options a try and hopefully you will receive more clicks to your affiliate link.


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