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How to download the Image of Users Who Activated Facebook Profile Picture Guard


Facebook profile picture guard to protect users profile images. If you are not aware of that, then it’s a kind of features to prevent misuse of facebook users profile images.

If users activated this option on their Facebook profile image, then other people can’t tap Share, Send in the message, Share externally, Zoom/View full size of the image or Download from your current profile picture on Facebook.

A small blue shield icon will appear below the users profile if they activated this facebook profile image guard feature. You can read more about this feature here.

Many of the users thought that this feature would prevent other users from downloading their profile images from facebook. But the fact is NO. It won’t stop others from downloading your profile picture. With a small little trick, any users can easily download facebook profile guarded image from facebook easily.

How to View/Zoom/see Full Size/Download Facebook Profile Picture Guarded Image?

Sometimes you may need to view zoomed or full-size image of facebook guarded profile image. To do view that, just follow simple steps.

1) Open user profile by visiting their facebook profile page (Who locked their profile image with facebook profile picture guard protection)

facebook profile guard symbol » Walnox

2) View the source code of that page by clicking CTRL + U (I’m using Chrome browser)

3) Now search for the entity_id by pressing Ctrl + F

entity id finding in facebook profile » Walnox

4) Note down the ID number which appears next to entity_id. This is the facebook profile ID. It looks something like this “10000XXXX806538

5) Visit https://graph.facebook.com/USERNAME/picture?width=800 in a new tab.

viewing facebook profile image on facebook guard profile » Walnox

6) Replace USERNAME with the facebook profile ID. It becomes like


7) Now visit that URL. That’s it. Now you got full-size profile image!

zoomed image of facebook profile guard image 450x423 1 » Walnox

That’s how you can view full size/bigger size image on facebook locked profile. Hope it helps in some way.


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