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How can I make 50$-100$ per day from Google Adsense?

I think anyone who will purport to give you an actionable response to this question is either scamming or selling you a pipe-dream. Sure, I know publishers who make that much money with Google AdSense, and more, but they have two commonalities that make their stories irrelevant: They joined the program early on; and they have exceptional site/resources that copycats could not replicate.

Let us put this in context. Since the program started a bit more than a decade ago plenty of people have promoted variations on the “get rich quick” scheme through this program.

In part, it is because of its alluringly simplicity. You put some code on your website (or YouTube videos), and then watch the money roll in, 24/7.

Ahh, if it only could be so simple. These days, upwards of 96 per cent of new AdSense applications are denied.

You can be almost certain that if there is a high-revenue niche/keyword combination, someone else is well-entrenched there and any latecomers, even if they somehow manage to get into the program, will find it almost impossible to come close to replicating the earnings.

For years, I barely earned $3.00 to $5.00 a day with the program, and this is even after (having survived an two account disablings and a massive sabotage attack) Google deemed me to be a program expert and started inviting me to meet-ups and summits in California as a Top Contributor on the AdSense help forum.

In the past year, my income from the program has increased, averaging abut $10 a day, but occasionally getting closer to $20.

Hardly a fortune — and I’m in a “high paying keyword” niche. This isn’t a problem for me; I’ve been publishing stuff for more than 25 years and most of my business’s revenue comes from direct sales.

Advertisers who purchase from us pay in the order of two to three orders of magnitude as the AdSense space, which primarily serves as back fill through the efficient use of the Doubleclick for Publishers platform.

Several of my forum peers make no more than me; but others certainly do very well. One has a very successful and specific mobile application tied to a website (there’s AdMob for this stuff), while another was the “first on the block” for a popular cellphone model — and because he was first, he got top billing on the search engines.

We’ve become friends, but I can’t copy them — and I expect the idea of someone without any real connections going anywhere near their success would be total fantasy.

I think a more practical question than “How can I make $50 to $100 a day with AdSense” should be: “How can I create enough value that I can earn $50 to $100 a day from online advertising sales.”

To do that you would need to develop sites serving a relevant specialized market, develop basic direct selling techniques, and find your clients.

You can’t do this with a generic site on an overworked topic, where the advertisers cannot be pinpointed and sold. You could do it on a specialized local geographical or interest site or perhaps one that combines both.

Frankly, your question is one, where if you have to ask it, you cannot expect an answer. But if you look at things differently, you can take control and succeed.

What you think about this??? Let us know in below comments??



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