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Home remedies for Paralysis to immediately cure

Paralysis is referred to as loss of capability to move muscles. It is a condition in which the muscles do not move properly or work, this is called Muscle function loss. It can affect any part of the body. It often includes loss of feeling in the affected area. It may be temporary or permanent, partially or complete , localized(specific area) or generalized(widespread).

Types of Paralysis

Monoplegia, in which only one limb & dash; hand or leg – is affected

Diplegia, in which both the limbs are affected .

Paraplegia, in which both the trunk and the legs are affected

Hemiplegia, in which only one side of the body is affected

Quadriplegia, in which the trunk and all the four limbs are affected

Possible Causes –

There are many conditions that can lead to paralysis. When the nerve cells become injured or diseased, then they cause paralysis. Following are the possible causes –

Tumors in the brain or spinal region

Trauma (direct injuries causing internal injuries )

Stroke (sudden loss of functions of brain )

Cerebral palsy (occurs in babies in which their nervous systems impaired )


Parkinson’s disease

Home remedies for paralysis

1.Mustard Oil


Mustard Oil is very effective in curing paralysis. Apply Mustard oil on the affected part of the body. You can also use Ghee in place of mustard oil.



Anulom Vilom Asana has very positive results in paralysis. Practice it continuously for 1 hour and you will see the immediate results as well. It is the best way to cure Paralysis. It has the ability to cure paralysis within 2 weeks. Kapalbhati, Ujjai Pranayama are also very effective.



Press the ring finger upper part to get relief in paralysis. If paralysis is on left side. Press left ring finger and vice versa.



Garlic is also another effective home remedy to cure paralysis. Take 5 to 6 pieces of Garlic and grind them. Now add two spoons of honey in it. Now take this mixture daily and within two months, you can get relief from paralysis. Also boil 5–6 pieces of garlic in the milk and take them on daily. This will control your blood pressure as well as affected part will also become alive.

Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa Oil )


In this method lukewarm the Kalonji oil and massage it lightly on the affected part of the body. Also take two to three spoons of Kalonji Oil on daily. Within 30–45 days you will see the positive change in the condtion.

Black Pepper (Kali mirch )


It is another effective way to cure paralysis. In this method take 50–60 grams of black pepper and cook it in the 250 ml Mustard Oil. Now lukewarm this cooked oil and apply it gently on the affected part. This will provide you relief in short period of time.



Ginger is very useful in curing paralysis. Take 5 gram of Grinded ginger along with 10 grams of Urad Dal (split black gram). Now, cook it in 50 grams of mustard oil for 10 minutes. Also add 2 grams of powdered camphor in it. Now use this mix oil to massage gently on the affected area. You will experience the surprising relief within few days. This oil is also beneficial in Arthritis.



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