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Hidden Objects | Christmas Spirit 1 | Part 10 | Android Gameplay and Walkthrough

Find the villian and save Christmas in our great find hidden object games free!

A new free to play version of find hidden object games free Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz that many players of object finding games will like!

This version of free hidden object games has no plot differences with the original finding object games adventure, and its main feature is that you can play the entire new hidden object games quest FOR FREE!

Once upon a time in wonderful seek and find games free, the fairytale Land of Oz was preparing to celebrate their very first Christmas. But the joy did not last long, when it turned out that the goblins stole all the gifts!

Now you have to help the residents of this magical world and find the gifts in one of the best find objects games free!

You will start your free hidden object games full games and looking for hidden objects in the Emerald City, during which you will solve many puzzles and meet all your friends – Toto, Scarecrow, the Timid Lion, the Tin Man and lots of others!

In interesting easy hidden object games, they will help you find the villains and save the holiday before it’s too late!

Find all the gifts while searching for hidden objects and help your friends get the holiday mood back in one of the most breathtaking objects hidden objects game!

What awaits you in the find games only hidden objects The Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz?

Save the holiday and find Santa in the Fairytale Kingdom in this one of the top hidden object games. All you have to do is to find the mysterious hidden objects and the villains and return this magnificent celebration to the fairy tale land in seek and find games! Your faithful companion and dog friend Toto will help you solve all the free new hidden objects games!

You will find festive and vivid scenes in fascinating hidden object adventure. It depends on your logic and deduction skills whether you can find the gifts and return them to the fairytale residents to arrange a real celebration!

This enigmatic hidden adventure games will make you meet with your beloved friends from childhood!

Your favorite and familiar characters will accompany you on your journey and help you solve challenging puzzles and riddles!



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