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Heroes & Clans: Idle RPG | Merge Game | Android gameplay


Upgrade your weapons and battle monsters in this unique puzzle RPG. Welcome to the world of Mysteria, hero! The world needs saving and only you can do it. Immerse yourself in this unique puzzle RPG and go on an epic role-playing adventure.

Travel the world and discover all kinds of monsters. Your clan of heroes will be the key to victory.

EARN OFFLINE Gain gold coins even when you are away. Collect your fortune to buy weapons from the shop to further improve your swords.

IMPROVE YOUR WEAPONS Start by merging your sword to upgrade them to better weapons such as broadswords, axes, daggers and more. Bathe in the glory of your legendary weapons.

UPGRADE YOUR GEAR Collect unique gear to increase your stats. Acquire ancient relics to boost your battle abilities.

BATTLE LEGENDARY BOSSES Defeat legendary bosses and claim their loot.
Progress further throughout the world and see how far you can go.

CAST POWERFUL SPELLS Use your spells to defeat your enemies. Time your double attack and lightning bolt to do some serious damage. Can you craft the ultimate sword?


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