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Gunner War – Air combat Sky Survival | Android Gameplay

Enter combat mode, destroy fighter planes, launch multiple weapons of destruction to kill your opponents and be victorious in the battle air strike.

Successfully complete the sky escape missions in different map locations, upgrade your weapons or fighter plane and stay at top of your destruction game with this realistic and intense plane shooting game.

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Intense Air Strike Shooting Action

How good are you at surviving during intense air combat mission? Do you have the guts to take dozens of fighter planes in solo air shooter mode? Destroy every single plane from the enemy’s air force by using your direction control and shooting skills.

Tackle the Attacks with Fighter Plane

Use your air shooter fighter plane to launch missiles, howitzers, standard shots and other destructive weapons. Target the enemy from the screen or view the map scan to locate and shoot the enemies as quickly as you can.

Choose and Upgrade your Weapons

Collect the victory loot at the end of every air strike mission. Use the loot to upgrade your fighter plane, weapons and map locations. The possibilities of creating lethal fighting combinations are endless with this super-fantastic and realistic sky escape plane shooting game.

How to play Gunner War – Air Combat Sky Survival:

  • Download and launch the air strike plane shooting game
  • Shoot to kill the air force planes and dodge their attack
  • Tap on the left lever to control direction of your fighter plane
  • Tap on the left shooter to release air shooter fire and kill opponents
  • Use health kit to revive your health score and continue playing
  • Launch bombs and missiles to win the air strike and successfully complete sky escape plane shooting mission

Features of Gunner War – Air Combat Sky Survival

  • Simple, easy and highly user-friendly plane shooting game UI/UX
  • Realistic air strike gaming action in which you must destroy the opponents
  • Control the fighter plane direction and tap on air shooter to release shots
  • Tap on the missile and bomb when they are activated to kill enemy more precisely and quickly
  • View the enemy targets from the air force map on the top of game screen
  • Destroy pilots coming close to you as well as the planes who are located far away and are approaching you gradually
  • Limited life points available which must be revived by using any activated health kit during sky escape mission
  • Realistic air attach locations on the mission map. Play in every location one by one
  • Upgrade your howitzer, aim screen, plane shooter, missiles and other weapons from upgrading screen
  • Upgrade your map locations easily by using your coin rewards after winning the game
  • Collect loot box at the end of every victorious sky escape mission and upgrade your plane shooter collection
  • Choose your fighter plane from the customization gallery and upgrade it as you see fit


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